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Young talent Metastasio
Tue Jul 11 2000 23:08
What is it that marks out true talent in a young musician? Can musically gifted children be pushed too much by their parents and teachers? What is the right balance between fun and hard work, and between music and all things non-musical, in a young person’s education?
RE: Young talent Steven D. Brown
Thu Jul 13 2000 01:47
A good case in point would be Yo-Yo Ma. Yo Yo at a very young age was already a very talented and gifted cellist but he choose to earn a BA at Harvard. He felt it important to learn about things other than music, to learn about the world and to be with the communiy of people while he was there.

My opinion is that now matter how gifted a child may be, that he or she should never be denied access to the rest of the world for the purpose of developing a musical talent.

To train a child like a show horse will certainly result in a disfunctional individual.

RE: Young talent kph37
Mon Jul 17 2000 18:28
Precocious artistic talent in a youth must be handled gingerly, graciously and lovingly by the parents. It is on the one hand, a seed too easily drowned; and on the other, a question of balance which is too easily thrown out of kilter.
RE: Young talent atea8keys
Tue Jul 18 2000 15:15
Speaking as a parent of a very musically gifted violinist/daughter of the tender age of 7 1/2 years, I must say it is very hard to keep 'the balance'. I find that my daughter drifts from practicing 3 hours a day for a very long period of time (3 to 4 months) to not wanting to practice at all. It is at times like these that we as parents would fail our gifted child and let them drift. I find sometimes that I need to '***** the whip' and help her get over the hump.

Usually these humps are when my daughter starts to think too much of her friends around her and do comparisions. It's not easy and sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing, but at the end of the day she does feel success and is involved in other activities other than music.

I also find that my daughter is very strong willed. Having spoken only to a few parents with gifted children I have found this to be a part of gifted childrens personalities. Am I correct in all of the above? Please write and let me know your experiences.

RE: Young talent atea8keys
Tue Jul 18 2000 15:18
I just looked at my posted message and noticed that the word C-R-A-C-K is ******. I don't know why and just want to make it clear that it is nothing of a profane nature.
RE: Young talent timw
Fri Jul 21 2000 14:11
It's fascinating to hear from somebody who's really at the centre of this issue. I myself have a two-year-old duaghter and although it's early days, she's beginning to show a real aptitude for music and I'm thinking about how to encourage this without becoming some kind of over-zealous monster of a parent! I think the really hard time will be the teenage years. So many of my own friend - some with quite exceptional talent - have practised hard until the age of about 15, only to have burned out and dropped the whole thing in disgust. I don't know what the answer is, except to try to encourage them to enjoy music-making as something which is truly part of their personality, and not some kind of chore or burden...but I'm sure there are no easy answers.

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