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John Cage Supercalifredg
Tue Jun 20 2000 05:31
What do you think of John Cage, do you think of him as a great American composer?
RE: John Cage C.B. Winters
Wed Jun 21 2000 09:36
The real question is, is it music?
RE: John Cage Ned Jackson
Wed Jun 21 2000 09:46
It's great music. It's time to redefine the boundaries.
RE: John Cage Dawn Bias
Wed Jun 21 2000 17:46
Perhaps his most significant composition is 4'33", a piano piece in which the performer sits at the keyboard for four minutes and thirty-three seconds. The problem is that most pianists tend to take it at too brisk a tempo. I recently used an arrangement of it for brass quintet as incidental music for a community theater production of Much Ado About Nothing.
RE: John Cage guy & his wife
Thu Jun 22 2000 03:33
are you serios dude. just this dude siting at a piano? you must be making this up.
RE: John Cage Ungaboo
Wed Jun 28 2000 08:21
Although I'd be the last to discount John Cage's music as merely noise, I still think that his theories and philosophies, as well as his concrete inventions, were more important than the music that he created with them. An extreme example of something similar would be Alberti- His 'Alberti bass' was a huge influence on 18th century music, and although many people who are interested in classical music will have heard of him, who has actually heard any of his compositions? I, at least, have not.

John Cage was instrumental in broadening the possibilities of what constitutes music; He also was a pioneer in the area of electronic music. The list goes on and on, but as far as something to listen to, I'd still prefer Schubert over Cage. Unlike most people, though, the preference is not based on an undervaluing of Cage.

RE: John Cage Clousseau
Thu Jun 29 2000 01:54
John Cage was one, among a generation of composers, who tuned the ear to other avenues of sonic experience.
RE: John Cage Joe Franklin
Thu Jun 29 2000 02:45
But does it swing?
RE: John Cage kph37
Mon Jul 17 2000 17:40
Cage's work is more nearly philosophy than it is music, IMO. It stimulates thought about music, certainly. But most of his music, AS MUSIC, leaves me cold.

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