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crossover artists Metastasio
Mon Jun 19 2000 19:56
Should pop musicians do the classical rep, and should opera stars sing West Side story. What's the verdict...?...
RE: crossover artists BretP
Mon Jun 19 2000 22:33
If the artist has the technique and creativity to cross over, it can work. Wynton Marsalis has no problem going back and forth between classical music and Jazz.

In fact, some people believe he should forsake Jazz and switch to playing classical music permanently!

RE: crossover artists Russell
Mon Jun 19 2000 22:38
I don't care about The West Side Story, but I know I have really enjoyed the crossover music of Placido Domingo.Especially when he sings in Spanish. There are lots occasions for me when opera is just too heavy, (especially when I'm working on my book) and I just want background sound. With opera, I get caught up in the story and I can't concentrate on my writing.
RE: crossover artists C.B. Winters
Mon Jun 19 2000 22:39
Can Vicki Carr sing Stockhausen?
RE: crossover artists Steven D. Brown
Tue Jun 20 2000 01:19
Benny Goodman played Mozart and Bartok but he knew what he was doing. A few years ago Michael Bolton did an opera album. Never heard it so I can't offer an informed comment, but I will trust my intuition on that one. Can Billy Joel play classical? As for Stockhausen - whatever happened to him anyway?
RE: crossover artists Peter Brown
Thu Jun 22 2000 16:13
Music is music, and it all depends on the musician. Two musicians primarily known for work in country music and folk/bluegrass, namely Nashville session musician Mark O'Connor and Richard Greene, who worked with the Kweskin Jug Band, the rock band Seatrain, and Bill Monroe (both violinists) have put out albums that seriously explored classical music. Greene with the Greene String Quartet, and O'Connor with "The Fiddle Concerto."

As for Michael Bolton, your instincts are probably correct, and for what happened to Stockhausen, perhaps write Pete Townshend.

RE: crossover artists Steven D. Brown
Thu Jun 22 2000 17:24
Edgar Meyer and Bela Fleck have also blurred the boundaries between genres. Both were among the members of Strength In Numbers, a band that fused bluegrass with contemporary chamber music.

Meyer has also worked with Yo Yo Ma, playing the traditional chamber music repertory as well as his own compositions

RE: crossover artists Peter Brown
Fri Jun 23 2000 15:55
Edgar Meyer is the perfect example not only of a crossover artist, but a musician's musician who has worked in a number of genres from not only bluegrass and classical, but accompanying singer-songwriters as well.
RE: crossover artists Steven D. Brown
Sun Jun 25 2000 20:36
Yo Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer will be perfoming Meyer's Concerto for cello, double bass and orchestra as part of the opening night concert at Tanglewood on Friday, July 7th.
RE: crossover artists ted
Wed Jul 12 2000 23:30
And then there is KEITH JARRETTS Suites for Keyboard of HANDEL--One of my favorites!!

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