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Live versus Studio mike
Sat Jun 17 2000 22:06
Thee is considerable debate in music circles about the relative merits of live performances versus studio--the former having a spontaneity and electricity and the latter having the ability for technical and perhaps musical "perfectness". I personally have rarely been moved as much by a studio recording as a live performance and have profound memories of a number of monumental live performances. What is the prevailong view and which live or studio performances do people consider monumental in their lives?
RE: Live versus Studio Floater
Sun Jun 18 2000 15:15
I believe there is a place for both. Too many great perfomances are ruined by bad recordings. What you hear in the hall is often under represented on tape. Also, there is something about actually being there that cannon be replaced by two speakers.

The great thing about live recordings is that gives you a chance to hear something you may not have been able to get to live. However, since live recordings almost always have a compromise of some sort, if you listen to the same one again and again, it is rather like having an LP with a small scratch. The click begins to bug after a while. That is why there is still a market for good studio recorings in my opinion.

RE: Live versus Studio - 2 Burton Abraham
Mon Jun 19 2000 10:27
I'd be curious to know what musicians have to say on this one.

I'm just a listener!
RE: Live versus Studio Burton Abraham
Mon Jun 19 2000 10:27
There's a case to be made for both.

Studio recordings allow for a certain perfection, given the acoustic and the ability to do multiple takes.

But live recordings give musicians the feedback of the audience which is essential for the creative process, because recording studios can be so sterile.

However, most of the great Classical recordings have been done in the studio, no?

RE: Live versus Studio Floater
Mon Jun 19 2000 14:52
Virtually all the award winning recordings in the past have been studio recordings. It will be interesting to see if this continues to be the case as more live recordings hit the market.
RE: Live versus Studio Steven D. Brown
Mon Jun 19 2000 18:34
The trend toward "live" recording seems to be gaining ground in the industry. But there is more to this method than meets the ear. Orchestras normally present a given program three or four times in a series. The best takes from the performances are then culled into a finished product. Thursday night's Allegro may be followed by Saturday's Adagio. Most extraneous noises from the audience can be filtered out with digital processing.

Given the time and expense of producing a CD, from start to finish, "live" recording is likely to become the norm.

RE: Live versus Studio C.B. Winters
Mon Jun 19 2000 22:57
What was the last great live recording?
RE: Live versus Studio Steven D. Brown
Fri Jun 23 2000 01:37
I might also add that a good many CDs being issued these days are being recorded "live" in concert. Several of the Beethoven symphonies in John Eliot Gardiner's series with L'Orcheste Revolutionnaire et Romantique were recorded live. Likewise with Nikolaus Harnoncourt's recording of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis.
RE: Live versus Studio floater
Mon Jun 26 2000 16:49
A couple of the best live recordings have to be the Beethoven Symphony Cycle with Harnoncourt and the COE and also Rattle doing Cosi with the OAE recorded live in Symphony Hall, Birmingham.
RE: Live versus Studio imogeng
Tue Jun 27 2000 14:44
I think there is a lot more passion in albums that are recorded live. Often times studio recordings tend to be edited into clinical sterility.

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