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Cecilla Bartoli Burton Abraham
Fri Jun 16 2000 00:32
I think I'm in love. O.K. I'll admit it, I have a thing for mezzo-soprano superstars.

What's her best recording?

RE: Cecilla Bartoli Metastasio
Mon Jun 19 2000 19:54
Don't know all of them, but the Vivaldi Album is pretty special. Probably because she discovered a lot of the stuff herself in the National Library in Turin, including many operas that had previously been ignored. She does to this music what Nigel Kennedy does to the Four Seasons - makes it real, raw and adventurous.
RE: Cecilla Bartoli mondon
Fri Jun 23 2000 21:35
I don't think it was a case of her 'discovering' some of the works on the disc, so much as - with the help of Decca - committing them to record for the first time. OK, she consulted the manuscripts because there was no performing edition. I would hope that her virtuosic performances display rather more authority than Kennedy brought to the Seasons.
RE: Cecilla Bartoli Julian Thake
Sun Jul 9 2000 18:33
Since Mr.Abraham is so clearly in love, it may seem appropriate to him that - in this writer's opinion at any rate - Bartoli's best recording yet is the one of French songs entitled "Chant d'Amour". Try the Viardot songs in particular, then go take a cold shower. Incidentally, I think she's recorded at least one clunker amid all her gorgeous successes: the recording of Italian songs by German composers finds her, in my view, in (totally uncharacteristically) tentative and tremulous form. If I were her recording company I'd quietly delete that one and hope no-one noticed!
RE: Cecilla Bartoli nounette
Tue Jul 11 2000 07:57
i have never heard of a french record by Cecilia Bartoli, where did you find it?
RE: Cecilla Bartoli Julian Thake
Tue Jul 11 2000 18:00
Salut Nounette! The recording I mentioned came out in 1996 on Decca, just like Bartoli's other ones. Its full title is "Chant D'Amour - melodies francaises" and the catalogue number is 452 667-2. I'm sure these nice people at GMN can help you obtain it!
RE: Cecilla Bartoli puto quitique
Sat Jul 29 2000 02:27
I thought Bartoli was a phenomenon when she first came out and I started collecting all her recordings. Now, I think she suffers from too much of a good thing, she is over-exposed. What I thought was meticulous study of each aria she sings, I now think everything she does is overwrought. I have her Vivaldi CD and I all I hear in each aria is her stamp and how difficult it is to do what she does. I happen to think she sounds like a frog in some songs and a panting dog in others. I've got 2 cats and they leave the room every time I put on Bartoli. There is only one other person to whom my cats walk out on: Streisand. I think my cats are smart. They know Streisand cannot sing a song straight, either. She just has to put her stamp on it.
RE: Cecilla Bartoli Julian Thake
Sat Jul 29 2000 09:32
Variety of characterisation is not Bartoli's strong point - yet. However, you seem to have let that, and the admittedly annoying hype which increasingly infects the classical recording world nowadays, blind you to Bartoli's fabulous quality of sound and technique, which are certainly NOT just matters of hype. That is truly sad. Take a holiday from her and come back to her after a while - for your own sake.

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