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which record labels to support? J Hill
Sat Oct 13 2001 00:51
There has been quite a bit of talk recently about "the future of classical music recordings", specifically various crises at the major record labels: mass layoffs for recording artists and administrative staff alike, decisions by management to curtail or cancel recording projects and to see the only hope for the future in "crossover" gimmicks, etc.

While trying to decide if I should buy the new Perahia Bach keyboard sonata disc, I found myself wondering whether that label (a "major") really deserves my music dollars. While a company's first priority is to make money, are they helping or hindering music and musicians on the whole? What about certain budget labels that pay musicians a flat fee?

Has anyone else ever considered the ramifications of what signals they send when the buy certain disc? I'm sure I could avoid the "majors" altogether if I had a compelling reason; the independent labels offer more than enough temptations.

What do other people think?
re: which record labels to support? Sidney Goldman
Sat Oct 27 2001 22:16
I have studied the growth of classical music all my life. The companies which have devoted much of their energy (money, informing the public, supporting the classical music scene, the arts, performers), all deserve our support. A particular company may encouage us to buy their CDs because we feel they have dome more in those areas cited above. Their prices also influence our choices, as well as their catalog. On the internet, as well looking for purchasing some CDs, I have found Naxos an unusual company in all of these categories. I believe other companies, even the major ones are beginning to imitate Naxos. Lower prices, a look back in the great recordings of the past, to be put on CDs. Enough said?

Good reading and listening and buying, Sidney Goldman

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