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looking for brunswick
Sat Nov 3 2001 23:39
Hello! Im looking for Johann Sebastian Bach s works for two pianos. Could you help me please?
re: looking for mcdade
Mon Nov 5 2001 13:08
There aren't any. Perhaps you mean His concertos for varied amounts of harpsichords. I suppose also the Art of Fugue can be (and has been) played on two pianos but I doubt if that's what you're after.
re: looking for brunswick
Tue Nov 6 2001 04:16
Dear Sir:
Im sorry, I think that Ive not been so clear. Ill try to be more. Recently I saw a film with Isabelle Huppert, "The pianist".
In that film she plays with other coleague (two pianos) in a private concert. And I wish to know whats that work. If I understood its Bach.

Anyway thanks you very much!
re: looking for Judge Jules
Sat Nov 17 2001 14:47
I haven't seen the film, but as it happens I read a review of it a couple of days ago which said Schubert is the favourite composer of the character played by Isabelle Huppert. Schubert wrote quite a few pieces for two pianos and the piece you heard may have been one of those. Probably the most likely one is the Fantasia in F minor, which would fit pretty well with the general atmosphere of the film as described in the review! Happy hunting, and let us know how you got on.
re: looking for brunswick
Sat Nov 17 2001 14:59
Thank youv very much Jules!

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