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calm sea and prosperous voyage jcdraft
Sat Dec 8 2001 02:08
Our local symphony performed Beethoven's Clam Sea and Prosperous voyage latley and I cant find any mention of it anywhere else. what gives? Is there a recording anywher?
re: calm sea and prosperous voyage Julian Thake
Sun Dec 9 2001 18:18
There are quite a few recordings of this overture available. My own favourite comes in a 3-CD set of the symphonies and some of the overtures on Decca conducted by Christoph von Dohnanyi (catalogue number 448 514-2), but a good and inexpensive version on a single CD is that conducted by Oliver Dohnanyi - the other guy's nephew, I think, tho' I stand to be corrected - on Naxos 8.550222. Good hunting.
re: calm sea and prosperous voyage STEVEKIRBY
Wed Dec 19 2001 23:39
Someone else who loved this work was Edward Elgar, who quotes it in one of the variations in the "Enigma Variations".

For a really over-the-top Beethoven work try his "tone poem" based on the Battle of Waterloo. I forget its name - the Battle Symphony, perhaps? Not his greatest composition but it certainly was very popular when it was written, doubtless.
re: calm sea and prosperous voyage Smudge
Tue Jan 1 2002 19:49
Try Hyperion CDA 66880. You also get two rare Beethoven cantatas and the short song "Opferlied". An excellent buy
re: calm sea and prosperous voyage Smudge
Tue Jan 1 2002 19:51
A footnote. You may be confusing the Beethoven cantata with the Mendelssohn overture.
re: calm sea and prosperous voyage jcdraft
Tue Jan 8 2002 03:17
Thank you all for responding to my enquiry- and not commenting on my atrocious spelling- I'll try to do better.

Mr Thake- thank you for the leads, I have been unable to track any of them down (very disappointing when GMN doesn't have something available but that is a different story).

Mr Kirby- the tone poem you are referring to is, I believe, opus 91, I have it listed as "Wellingtons Victory", and also as "Battle of Victoria". What a fun waste of time it is when that is playing. No chance of many contemporary performances with all the required fireworks and firearms going off. Thank you for the lead on the Enigma Variations, I plan on some exploring here.

Mr Smudge- Bullseye-
Thank you, I found the Hyperion disc listed on GMN and was promptly shuffled off to some wild looking rock website. As soon as I get the guts I'm going to buy it. It seems that the English translation "calm seas etc." doesn't get you anywhere but the German title opens up worlds.
There is nothing wrong with the Mendelssohn work of the same title except that I did not listen to it in concert thinking "whoever wrote Beethoven's 9th was very familiar with this work".

good day to you all

re: calm sea and prosperous voyage k00lk4tz
Tue Jan 8 2002 16:45

Just so you are aware the "rock website" is who after much careful consideration of both GMN itself and our
customers, we decided to partner with for non GMN label sales.

mymusic are a premium music supplier and I think you will agree
offer very attractive prices in comparison to the competition.

It just wasn't financially viable for GMN to run our own shop,
we couldn't compete on price with the major sites and hope that
this way we we are able to offer the information and content to our customer whilst offering them the best deal possible on any purchase they decide to make.


Adam Edwards
Customer Service
re: calm sea and prosperous voyage jcdraft
Wed Jan 9 2002 01:27
I like the idea of a better shop and appreciate your response. I have a number of desirable cd's that were unavailable at gmn and will try again at the "rockwebsite".
re: calm sea and prosperous voyage Judge Jules
Wed Jan 9 2002 22:22
I have to say I think the references from Mr.Thake above are actually to recordings of the Mendelssohn Overture, not the Beethoven Cantata, though if Christoph von Dohnanyi really has recorded the Beethoven I'd like to hear it!
re: calm sea and prosperous voyage jcdraft
Fri Feb 22 2002 01:40
I think maybe we're done here. I recently acquired Hyperion CDA66880 with the above mentioned work. Truly superb, what I remembered from our symphony. Whoever wrote Beethoven's 9th was intimately familiar with his Calm Sea and Prosperous voyage. Thank you all for your help. And by the way, the cd came from the "wild rock site". I will patronize them in the future
re: calm sea and prosperous voyage claudius
Sat Mar 9 2002 00:02
There is a DG recording of Beethoven's score played by Wiener Philharmoniker conducted by Claudio Abbado.

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