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The Creation
 Composed by Haydn, Joseph
 Work Notes
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Recorded at: Haydn Festival, 15 September 1999
Performers: Kopecky, Judith (Soprano)
Davislim, Steve (Tenor)
Bankl, Wolfgang (Bass)
Vienna Chamber Choir (Choir)
Austro-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonic
Hickox, Richard (Conductor)
Haydn Festival (Festival)
1: Introduction - The representation of Chaos, 12:25 
2: Recitative - And God made the firmament, 4:26 
3: Aria - Rolling in foaming billows, 4:24 
4: Aria - With verdure clad, 7:30 
5: Recitative - In splendor bright is rising now, 6:35 
6: Recitative - And God said: Let the waters bring forth, 9:25 
7: Trio - Most beautiful appear, 6:47 
8: Recitative - Straight opening her fertile womb, 3:26 
9: Aria - Now heaven in fullest glory shone, 7:10 
10: And God saw everything, 1:40 
11: Trio - On thee each living soul awaits, 6:12 
12: Recitative - In rosie mantle appears, 3:43 
13: Duet and Chorus - Be thy with bliss, O bounteous Lord, 9:14 
14: Recitative - Our duty we performed now, 9:14 
15: Recitative - O happy pair, 4:09 

Recorded at: Glyndebourne, Sussex, UK, 7 May 2000
Performers: Milne, Lisa (Soprano)
Bostridge, Ian (An exclusive artist of EMI Classics) (Tenor)
Wilson-Johnson, David (Baritone)
Brighton Festival Chorus (Choir)
Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Mackerras, Sir Charles (Conductor)
1: Introduction - The Representation of Chaos, 11:21 
2: Recitative - And God made the firmament, 4:41 
3: Recitative - And God said: Let the waters, 4:31 
4: Recitative - And God said: Let the Earth bring forth grass, 5:23 
5: Recitative - And the heavenly hosts, 2:44 
6: Recitative - In splendour bright, 6:36 
7: Recitative - And God said: Let the waters bring forth, 7:41 
8: Recitative - And god created great whales, 8:38 
9: Recitative - And god said: Let the Earth bring forth living creatures, 6:36 
10: Recitative - And god created man in His own image, 4:28 
11: Recitative - And God saw everything, 3:51 
12: Recitative - In rosy mantle appears, 13:13 
13: Recitative - Our duty we performed now, 7:48 
14: Chorus - Sing the Lord ye voices all, 3:51 
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