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10:47:25pm EST Sun Oct 1 - Sat Sep 30
To listen to this webcast please register here.
The Program
    Märchenerzählungen Op.132 (Fairy Tales)
    Fantasiestücke Op.73
    Quintet in B Flat Major
    Piano Concerto No.1 in D Minor Op.15
    Piano Concerto No.2 in B Flat Major Op.83
    Piano Sonata No.8 in C Minor Op.13, ’Pathétique’
    Piano Sonata No.3 in C Major Op.2 No.3
    Piano Sonata No.4 in E Flat Major Op.7
    Piano Sonata No.5 in C Minor Op.10 No.1
    Piano Sonata No.6 in F Major Op.10 No.2
    Piano Sonata No.7 in D Major Op.10 No.3
    Piano Sonata No.9 in E Major Op.14 No.1
    Piano Sonata No.10 in G Major Op.14 No.2
    Piano Sonata No.13 in E Flat Major Op.27 No.1
    Piano Sonata No.14 in C Sharp Minor Op.27 No.2,’Moonlight’
    Piano Sonata No.11 in B Flat Major Op.22
    Piano Sonata No.12 in A Flat Major Op.26
    Piano Sonata No.15 in D Major Op.28,’Pastoral’
    Piano Sonata No.16
    Piano Sonata No.17,’Tempest’
    Piano Sonata No.18
    Piano Sonata No.21 in C Major Op.53,’Waldstein’
    Piano Sonata No.22 in F Major Op.54
    Piano Sonata No.23 in F Minor Op.57,’Appassionata’
    Piano Sonata No.24 in F Sharp Major Op.78
    Piano Sonata No.25 in G Major Op.79
    Piano Sonata No.26 in E Flat Major Op.81a,’Les Adieux’
    Piano Sonata No.28 in A Major Op.101
    Piano Sonata No.27 in E Minor Op.90
    Piano Sonata No.29 in B Flat Major Op.106,’Hammerklavier’
    Piano Sonata No.32 in C Minor Op.111
    Piano Sonata No.30 in E Major Op.109
    Piano Sonata No.31 in A Flat Major Op.110
    Tristan und Isolde, Prelude to Act 1
    Isolde’s Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde
    Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, Prelude to Act 1
    Parsifal, Prelude to Act 1
    Good Friday Music from Parsifal
    Siegfried Idyll (1870)
    Overture to Die Feen
    Overture to Das Liebesverbot
    Overture to Rienzi
    Overture to Der Fliegende Holländer
    Tannhäuser, Overture and Venusberg Music
    A Faust Overture
    Ride of the Valkyries
    Wotan’s Farewell - Magic Fire Music
    Forest Murmurs from Siegfried
    Siegfried’s Rhine Journey from Götterdämmerung
    Siegfried’s Funeral March from Götterdämmerung
    Brünnhilde’s Immolation from Götterdämmerung
    La forza del destino
    Romeo and Juliet, Op.64
    The Nutcracker Op.71
    Boris Godounov: Extract
    Prince Igor: Extract
    Pique Dame: Extract
    Adagio from Symphony No.2 in E Minor Op.27
    Khovanshchina: Extract
    The Sleeping Beauty: Extract
    Sabre Dance
    Symphony No.8 in C Minor Op.65
    Piano Concerto No.1 in D Flat Major Op.10
    Piano Concerto No.3 in C Major Op.26
    Piano Concerto No.4 in B Flat Major Op.53
    Piano Concerto No.2 in G Minor Op.16
    Piano Concerto No.5 in G Minor Op.55
    The Sleeping Beauty
    Ave Dei patris filia
    Ave rosa sine spinis
    Alleluia: ora pro nobis
    Euge celi porta
    Kyrie Deus creator
    Mass Salve Intemerata
    Salve intemerata
    Nunc dimittis
    Sancte deus
    Conditor Kyrie
    Mass for four voices
    Remember not, O Lord God
    Hear the voice and prayer
    If ye love me
    A new commandment
    Te deum for meanes
    Beati immaculati
    Mass: Puer natus est nobis
    Suscipe quaeso
    Gaude gloriosa
    Septet in A Minor Op.147
    Quintet in C Minor Op.52
    String Quartet in D Major Op.64 No.5
    String Quartet in D Minor Op.42
    String Quartet in D Major Op.76 No.5
    Piano Sonata No.1 in F Minor Op.2 No.1
    Piano Sonata No.2 in A Major Op.2 No.2
    Piano Sonata No.19 in G Minor Op.49 No.1
    Piano Sonata No.20 in G Major Op.49 No.2
    Christ is risen!
    It is time!
    1st suite in 3
    Concert No.12
    Concert No.13
    Paris Quartets : B minor Quartet
    Paris Quartets : G major Quartet
    Paris Quartets : E minor Quartet
    Tombeau les Regrets
    Tombeau de M Meliton
    La Dubreuil
    Chaconne La Leclair
    Suite in D major
    The Firebird (1910)
    Prometheus - Poem of Fire Op.60
    Oiseaux exotiques
    Sept haikai
    Couleurs de la cité céleste
    Un vitrail et des oiseaux
    La ville d'en haut
    Concerto for Piano and Wind
    Piano Concerto No.1 in C Major Op.15
    Piano Concerto No.3 in C Minor Op.37
    Bagatelle in C Minor WoO52
    Bagatelle in C Major WoO56
    Piano Concerto No.2 in B Flat Major Op.19
    Piano Concerto No.4 in G Major Op.58
    11 Bagatelles Op.119
    Piano Concerto No.5 in E Flat Major Op.73,’Emperor
    7 Bagatelles Op.33
    6 Bagatelles Op.126
    Symphony No.39 in E Flat Major K543
    Symphony No.35 in D Major K385,’Haffner’
    Symphony No.32 in G Major K318
    Piano Sonata No.1 in F Minor Op.1
    Piano Sonata No.2 in D Minor Op.14
    Piano Sonata No.3 in A Minor Op.28,’D'après des vieux cahiers’
    Sonatina in E Minor Op.54 No.1
    Sonatina in G Major Op.54 No.2
    Visions Fugitives Op.22
    Symphony No.1 in E Flat Major
    Symphony No.2 in B Minor
    Symphony No.2 in E Minor Op.27
    Epistle Sonata in C Major K263
    Adagio from Quintet in E Flat Major Op.23,`The Wagner Adagio'
    Quiet City
    2 Rhapsodies Op.79
    6 Piano Pieces Op.118
    Mambo Inn
    A Donde Vas
    Celia Y Tito
    EL 100
    Woody ’n’ You
    Tito’s Idea
    New Arrival
    Afro Blue
    Oye Como Va
    In Search of a Theme
    Marian McPartland
    Her Name is Nancy
    Five for Ten Small Fingers
    Someday My Prince Will Come
    Deep Purple
    In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town
    All the Things You Are
    Koto Song
    Theme for June
    Who Will Take Care of Me
    Roy Hargrove
    Joe Lovano Tango
    Michael Brecker Waltz
    Newport Waltz
    I Married an Angel
    Symphony No.39 in G Minor
    Symphony No.72 in D Major
    Lover Man
    Sketch 1
    It Could Happen To You
    Too Marvelous For Words
    Coffee Pot
    You're Mine, You
    Introduction and Polonaise in C Major Op.3
    Blue Bossa
    I Can't Get Started
    Monks Mood
    Just Friends
    Why Indianapolis, Why Not Indianapolis?
    It's Alright With Me
    Violin Sonata in E Minor Op.82
    Violin Sonata No.2 in D Minor
    For away
    Litany - In Memory of Michael Vyner
    Piano Pieces for Children
    Uninterrupted Rests
    Rain Tree Sketch
    Les yeux clos II
    Piano Distance
    Rain Tree Sketch II - In memoriam Olivier Messiaen
    Les yeux clos
    A Vision of Takemitsu
    Hodie nobis caelorum
    Salvator mundi
    Quod chorus vatum
    Videte miraculum
    In pace in idipsum
    Dum transisset sabbatum
    Jesu salvator saeculi
    Sermone blando
    Jam Christus astra ascenderat
    Loquebantur variis linguis
    Linden Lea
    The House of Life
    Songs of Travel
    Four poems by Fredegond Shove
    Piano Sonata in A Major Op.50 No.1
    Piano Sonata in D Major Op.25 No.6
    Piano Sonata in A Major Op.33 No.1
    Piano Sonata in G Minor Op.50 No.3,'Didone Abbandonata'
    Dream of the Cherry Blossoms
    Rain Tree
    Suite from Prince Igor (Arr Glazunov & Rimsky-Korsakov)
    In the Steppes of Central Asia
    Requiem (Arr Stokowski)
    The Swan (Arr Balcombe)
    Vocalise (Arr Balcombe)
    Greensleeves Suite (Arr Balcombe)
    Night on Bald Mountain (Arr Rimsky-Korsakov)
    Gopak from Sorochinsky Fair (Arr Liadov)
    Pictures from Crimea (Arr Walter Goehr)
    A Tear-Drop (Arr Hans Kindler)
    Pictures at an Exhibition (Arr Leonard)
    Overture to 'The Marriage of Figaro'
    Organ Symphony No.5 in F Op.42 No.1
    Orb and Sceptre - Coronation March
    Deux Esquisses Op.41
    Clair de lune
    Variations on 'America'
    The Stars and Stripes Forever (Arr Goode)
    Petersburg - a vocal poem
    Six Romances
    Why'd you do it
    For Heaven's Sake
    The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
    A Grange Amor
    Laura's dream
    Some Time Ago
    It's You or No one
    Little Joe from Chicago
    The Man I Love
    What's Your Story Morning Glory
    Honeysuckle Rose
    Lullaby of the Leaves
    Scratchin' in the Gravel
    Lonely Moments
    In the Land of Oo Bla Dee
    Mary's Waltz
    Baby Man (conversation)
    Baby Man
    Memories of Andy Kirk (conversation)
    Sinfonia Decima à 7
    Overture to Nabucco
    Carneval de Venise
    The Lost Chord
    Whirlwind Polka
    My Daughter's Schottische
    Triumphal March
    Cyfarthfa Castle Quadrilles
    Tydfil Overture
    Overture: Zampa
    Nibelungen March (Arr Sonntag)
    Prélude à 'L'après-midi d'un faune'
    In Nomine 2 a5
    In Nomine 3 a5
    In Nomine 4 a5
    In Nomine 5 a5
    Browning a 5,’The leaves be greene’
    Fantasia 3 a6
    Fantasia a5,’Two parts in one’
    Nocturne No.2 in B Major Op.33 No.2
    Nocturne No.3 in A Flat Major Op.33 No.3
    Nocturne No.4 in E Flat Major Op.36
    Nocturne No.7 in C Sharp Major Op.74
    Quintet in E Flat Major K452
    Scherzo à la Russe
    Four Studies
    Scènes de ballet
    317 East 32nd Street
    Stella By Starlight
    Darn That Dream
    Feather Bed
    Trio in A Minor Op.114
    Clarinet Quintet in B Minor Op.115
    After You’ve Gone
    Fiesta in Blue
    Don’t Ask Why
    Blues in G
    Morning Star
    Waters of March
    Velho Piano
    Days of Wine and Roses
    It’s All About You
    Wait 'til You get Your Supply
    21st Century
    All the Way to Sendai
    Being There
    Mr X
    The Faun and Shepherdess
    Two Poems of Verlaine
    Song of the Volga Boatmen
    The Firebird - Suite (1919)
    These Three Words
    Black and Tan Fantasy
    Let Down/Hypnagong
    Didgeridoo Solo
    Serpent Solo
    Helicon Solo - Chanson de matin (Arr Sibley)
    Jazz Tuba Solo
    Suite No.1
    Suite No.2
    Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo
    Straighten Up and Fly Right
    The Amadeus Suite
    Sisters in Jazz Live at the Kennedy Center
    Rule Britannia
    English Suite No.2 in A Minor BWV807
    Concerto for Trumpet, Percussion and Keyboard
    Concert Music for Piano, Brass and Harps Op.49
    Capriccio for Piano and Wind Ensemble
    Cantata No.51, 'Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen!'
    Light Blue
    You Don't Know What Love Is
    Remember Bethlehem
    One cold dark night
    In the bleak midwinter
    Little star of Bethlehem
    Good King Wenceslas
    Angel Eyes
    Our Blues
    The Way You Look Tonight
    I Concentrate On You
    Home Basie
    Cry Me A River
    Spring Is Here
    Good Morning Heartache
    Orpheus with his lute
    Orpheus and Euridice
    Spring Gardens
    The steadfast shepherd
    The Curfew Tolls the Knell
    Go, lovely rose
    Go, Rose, my Chloe's bosom grace
    What is't to us
    The non-pareil
    Straight To The Source
    Chovendo Na Roseira
    Jitterbug Waltz
    13th Floor
    Clarinet Sonata in E Flat Major Op.120 No.2
    Clarinet Sonata in F Minor Op.120 No.1
    Blue Emperor
    Bastille Music
    Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
    What Am I Here For?
    Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
    Lock 'Em Up
    Day In - Day Out
    If I Were A Bell
    I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
    You Go To My Head
    I Won't Dance
    Thanks For The Memory
    Violets For Your Furs
    I'm Checkin' Out - Go'om Bye
    When Your Lover Has Gone
    Tender Trap'ella mi creda (from La Fanciulla del West)
    Una voce poco fa (from Il Barbiere di Siviglia)
    È la solita storia (from L'Arlesiana)
    Je veux vivre (from Romeo and Juliet)
    Prasti nyébèsnoye (from Queen of Spades)
    Già nella notte densa (from Otello)
    Intermezzo (from La Boda de Luis Alonso)
    Donde lieta usci (from La Bohème)
    No puede ser! (from La Tabernera del Puerto)
    D'España vengo (from El niño judio)
    En mi tierra extremena (from Luisa Fernanda)
    Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (from Land des Lächelns)
    Lippen schweigen (from Lustige Witwe)
    Là ci darem la mano (from Don Giovanni)
    Nana, What Do You Say
    Come Rain or Come Shine
    When Things Will Change
    Brandenburg Concerto No.2 in F Major BWV1047
    Brandenburg Concerto No.5 in D Major BWV1050
    Da Vinci's Eyes
    The Opener
    Nature Boy
    Our Love is Here to Stay
    Everything I Have is Yours
    My Romance
    Kansas City
    Just in Time
    Kevin's Blues
    Comecar De Novo
    La Explosion
    I'm Walking
    Don't Get Around Much Anymore
    I Can't Make You Love Me
    You Are Always On My Mind
    We Can Fix It In The Mix
    May I Come In
    My Foolish Heart
    Route 66
    The Coaster
    Partita No.1 in B Flat Major BWV825
    English Suite No.3 in G Minor BWV808
    Consort of Fower parts, Suite No. 1 in D Minor
    Consort of Fower parts, Suite No. 2 in D Minor/Major
    Consort of Fower parts, Suite No. 3 in F Major
    Consort of Fower parts, Suite No. 4 in F Major
    Consort of Fower parts, Suite No. 5 in G Minor
    Consort of Fower parts, Suite No. 6 in G Major
    The Flatt Consort, 'for my cousin Kemble', Suite No.1 in C Minor
    Octet on Themes by Cole Porter
    Offertoria 1593
    To a Poet Op.13a
    Earth and Air and Rain Op.15
    Before and after Summer Op.16 (Excerpts)
    Première Rapsodie
    The Lark
    Bolero (from A farewell to St Petersburg)
    I am sad (Lermontov)
    The girl and the youth
    Sixteen years
    A statue in Tsarskoye Selo
    I touched the bloom lightly Op.49 No.1
    'Tu' and 'Vous'
    The Clear Moon has Risen
    Spanish Song
    Letter Scene (from Eugene Onegin)
    I have grown fond of sorrow Op.8 No.4
    Lilacs Op.21 No.5
    The Dream Op.8 No.5
    Fragment from Musset Op.21 No.6
    Oh, do not grieve Op.14 No.8
    Io son l'umile ancella (from Adriana Lecouvreur)
    In quelle trine morbide (from Manon Lescaut)
    Sola, perduta, abbandonata (from Manon Lescaut)
    Rite of Spring
    Tyrolean Dances from Deutsche Tänze Op.33 (Arr. Stokowski)
    Petite pièce
    Sonata for Cello and Piano in D Minor
    Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp
    String Quartet in G Minor Op.10
    Piano Trio in G Major
    Nocturne et Scherzo
    En blanc et noir
    Six Epigraphes antiques
    Marche écossaise sur un thème populaire
    Petite Suite
    Suite No.1 for jazz band
    String Sextet No.1 in B Flat Major Op.18
    Wake, O wake with tidings thrilling (Arr Praetorius)
    Edi beo thu
    Of the Father’s heart
    Angelus ad virginem
    Es ist ein Ros’entsprungen
    I sing of a maiden
    A child is born in Bethlehem
    Once in royal David’s city
    Up good Christen folk (Arr Woodward)
    Rocking (Arr Willcocks)
    The Holly and the Ivy (Arr Davies)
    The holy boy
    A great and mighty wonder (Arr Marlow)
    I saw a maiden (Arr Pettman)
    Sir Christémas
    O little one sweet (Arr J S Bach)
    Out of your sleep
    Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (Arr Willcocks)
    O come, all ye faithful (Arr Willcocks)
    In dulci jubilo (Arr Pearsall)
    In dulci jubilo
    I saw three ships (Arr Willcocks)
    Noël nouvelet (Arr Shaw)
    Hark the herald angels sing (Arr Willcocks)
    Le Roy des cieux
    The three kings (Arr Atkins)
    Jesus Christ, the apple tree
    Frolokket ihr Völker
    As with gladness (Arr Willcocks)
    Symphonies of Wind Instruments
    Symphonic Waltz
    Piano Concerto No.2 in C Minor Op.18
    Serenade for Strings Op. 48
    Make we joy now in this fest
    Coventry Carol
    A babe is born
    The Virgin’s Cradle Song
    A Hymn to the Virgin
    The Lamb, ‘Little Lamb, who made thee?’
    A Ceremony of Carols
    Sing lullaby
    Lute book lullaby
    A spotless rose
    Corpus Christi
    Benedicamus Domino
    Tomorrow shall be my dancing day
    Clarinet Concerto in A Major K622
    Clarinet Quintet in A Major K581
    Sonetto 104 del Petrarca S161/5
    Festival Overture on the Danish National Hymn Op.15
    Fate Op.77
    Romeo and Juliet, Fantasy-Overture
    The Storm Op.76
    Francesca da Rimini Op.32
    Capriccio Italienne Op.45
    1812, Festival Overture Op.49
    Hamlet, Fantasy-Overture Op.67
    Ariettes oubliées
    The cloths of Heaven
    Fantasia 1 a3
    Fantasia 3 a3
    Fantasia 6 a4
    Fantasia 7 a4
    Fantasia 10 a4
    Fantasia 11 a4
    Fantasia a5, ’upon one note’
    Blues for Duane
    Up There
    Dear Old Stockholm
    Nonet in F Major Op.31
    Can’t Wait ’til Dawn
    Theme for My Father
    The Temple Bells
    Taylored by Louis
    Fantasia 4 a4
    Fantasia 5 a4
    Fantasia 12 a4
    In Nomine a6
    In Nomine a7
    Organ Sonata No.1 in G Major Op.28
    Organ Sonata on the 94th Psalm
    Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano
    Grand Septet in B Flat Major
    Septet in C Major Op.114,`The Military'
    Grand Septet in E Flat Major Op.62
    Ikarus from Sagas
    Barcarolle No.8 in D Flat Major Op.96
    Symphony No.1
    Symphony No.2
    Nocturne No.9 in B Minor Op.97
    Nocturne No.10 in E Minor Op.99
    Nocturne No.11 in F Sharp Major Op.104 No.1
    Nocturne No.12 in E Minor Op.107
    Berceuse Op.31 No.19
    Grand choeur in D
    Adagio from Organ Symphony No.5 in F Minor Op.42/1
    Toccata from Organ Symphony No.5 in F Minor Op.42/1
    Piano Sonata No.4 in D Minor Op.29
    Piano Sonata No.5 in C Major Op.38
    Piano Sonata No.6 in A Major Op.82
    Pastoral Sonatina in C Major Op.59 No.3
    Organ Symphony No.2 in C Sharp Minor Op.26,First Movement
    Les corps glorieux
    Danses concertantes
    Boris Godunov (1869 Version)
    Boris Godunov (1872 Version)
    Gaspard de la nuit
    Le Tombeau de Couperin
    Jeux d'eau
    Sérénade grotesque
    Menuet sur le nom de Haydn
    Prélude (d'un rythme libre)
    A la manière de Borodine
    A la manière de Chabrier
    Feels So Baaad
    Marimba and Tape
    Blues for Gilbert
    Let's Dance
    Grande symphonie funèbre et triomphale
    Symphonie militaire
    Overture in F Major
    Marche lugubre
    Hymne à la Victoire
    Hymne à l'Agriculture
    La Marseillaise - Hymne à la Liberté
    Canzon duodecimi toni
    Sonata pian e forte
    Sonata XVIII
    Sonata XIX
    Canzon noni toni
    Canzon VII
    Ricercar del duodecimo tuono
    La Spiritata
    Sinfonia,'La Bergamasca'
    Canzon X
    Canzon terzadecima
    Canzon XV
    Sinfonia,'La Padovana'
    Canzon septimi e octavi toni
    Canzon XII
    Canzon primi toni
    Sonata XX
    The Stars and Stripes Forever
    The Liberty Bell
    The Thunderer
    9 Préludes Op.103
    Impromptu No.1 in E Flat Major Op.25
    Impromptu No.2 in F Minor Op.31
    Impromptu No.3 in A Flat Major Op.34
    Impromptu No.4 in D Flat Major Op.91
    Impromptu No.5 in F Sharp Minor Op.102
    Theme and Variations in C Sharp Minor Op.73
    Love’s Philosophy
    Now sleeps the crimson petal
    St John Passion BWV245
    5 Old English Popular Songs
    Winterreise D911
    Caprice Viennois Op.2
    Salut d'Amour
    Semper Fidelis
    Chariot Race
    La Reine de la Mer
    Hail to the Spirit of Liberty
    Jack Tar
    The Coquette
    Under the Cuban Flag
    King Cotton
    With Pleasure
    Manhattan Beach
    El Capitan Medley
    Tom, Vaguely
    You Tempt Me
    Let Us Make a Joyful Noise - Spiritual
    Walking in the Light
    A Bientôt
    Handle with Care
    Old Folks
    A Tune for Howard to Improvise Upon
    Cool and Caressing
    I Didn't Know What Time it Was
    More Than You Know
    A Bit of Bedlam
    For Undine
    Billy's Beat
    Gone With the Wind
    Jesu, meine Freude BWV227
    Der Mensch vom Weibe geboren
    Piano Quartet No.3 in C Minor Op.60
    Souvenir de Florence Op.70
    Piano Sonata No.7 in B flat Major Op. 83
    Piano Sonata No.8 in B flat Major Op. 84
    Piano Sonata No.9 in C Major Op. 103
    Take the A Train
    Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
    In A Sentimental Mood
    Joy Spring
    Easy Like
    Night and Day
    Can You Tell by Looking at Me?
    Early Bird
    Tea for Two
    My Heart Stood Still
    Valse-caprice No.1 in A Major Op.30
    Valse-caprice No.2 in D Flat Major Op.38
    Valse-caprice No.3 in G Flat Major Op.59
    Valse-caprice No.4 in A Flat Major Op.62
    Secret Love
    A Child is Born
    I Remember You
    Sarcasms Op.17
    Body and Soul
    Step into My Dream
    Juicy Lucy
    Hymns and Descants

    Symphony Orchestra of Russia
    Amanda Roocroft (Soprano)
    Ana Maria Martinez (Soprano)
    Anne Evans (Soprano)
    Galina Gorchakova (Soprano)
    Helen Field (Soprano)
    Margaret Field (Soprano)
    Olga Trifonova (Soprano)
    Patrizia Kwella (Soprano)
    Tatiana Borodina (Soprano)
    Evgenya Gorochovskaya (Mezzo-soprano)
    Lia Shevtzova (Mezzo-soprano)
    Olga Borodina (Mezzo-soprano)
    Susan Bickley (Mezzo-soprano)
    Zlata Bulycheva (Mezzo-soprano)
    Liubov Sokolova (Contralto)
    David James (Alto)
    Edmund Barnham (Tenor)
    Gegam Grigorian (Tenor)
    Ian Boughton (Tenor)
    Ian Partridge (Tenor)
    Konstantin Pluzhnikov (Tenor)
    Nikolai Gassiev (Tenor)
    Philip Langridge (Tenor)
    Plácido Domingo (Tenor)
    Victor Lutsuk (Tenor)
    Vladimir Galuzin (Tenor)
    William Kendall (Tenor)
    Yevgeny Akimov (Tenor)
    Yuri Laptev (Tenor)
    Andrei Karabinov (Baritone)
    David Wilson-Johnson (Baritone)
    Dmitri Hvorostovsky (Baritone)
    Nikolai Putilin (Baritone)
    Sergei Leiferkus (Baritone)
    Stephen Roberts (Baritone)
    Vassily Gerello (Baritone)
    John Tomlinson (Bass-baritone)
    Mikhail Kit (Bass-baritone)
    Al Haig (Bass)
    Alec Dankworth (Bass)
    Askar Abdrazakov (Bass)
    Billy Taylor (Bass)
    Bobby Rodriquez (Bass)
    Bowen, Bob (Bass)
    Brandon Owens (Bass)
    Cameron Brown (Bass)
    Carlos Henríquez (Bass)
    Charles Farmbrough (Bass)
    Charles Mingus (Bass)
    Chip Jackson (Bass)
    Chris Lightcap (Bass)
    Dave Holland (Bass)
    Dave Jones (Bass)
    Dennis Irwin (Bass)
    Ed Howard (Bass)
    Elton Heron (Bass)
    Eric Revis (Bass)
    Evgeny Nitikin (Bass)
    Fyodor Kuzhnetsov (Bass)
    Gary Brown (Bass)
    Gennady Bezzubenkov (Bass)
    George Duvivier (Bass)
    George Mraz (Bass)
    Georgy Zastavny (Bass)
    Gerald Cannon (Bass)
    Gerald Veasley (Bass)
    Gregory Jones (Bass)
    Grigory Karasev (Bass)
    Harry Anderson (Bass)
    Jack Six (Bass)
    Johannes Weidenmuller (Bass)
    John B. Williams (Bass)
    John Benitez (Bass)
    John Patitucci (Bass)
    John Shifflett (Bass)
    Ken Filiano (Bass)
    Larry Bartley (Bass)
    Lonnie Plaxico (Bass)
    Lynn Seaton (Bass)
    Malcolm Creese (Bass)
    Mark Carlsen (Bass)
    Mary Ann McSweeney (Bass)
    Melissa Slocum (Bass)
    Michael Bisio (Bass)
    Michael George (Bass)
    Mike Formaneck (Bass)
    Nikolai Ohotnikov (Bass)
    Paul Chambers (Bass)
    Per Mathisen (Bass)
    Percy Heath (Bass)
    Phil Palombi (Bass)
    Pops Foster (Bass)
    Ray Drummond (Bass)
    Rick Laird (Bass)
    Rodney Whitaker (Bass)
    Ron Cotty (Bass)
    Ronnie Boykins (Bass)
    Roy Babbington (Bass)
    Ruben Rodriguez (Bass)
    Rusty Holloway (Bass)
    Sam Burgess (Bass)
    Sam Jones (Bass)
    Simon Thorpe (Bass)
    Takeharu Hayakawa (Bass)
    Tarus Mateen (Bass)
    Tommy Potter (Bass)
    Tony Marino (Bass)
    Tony Scherr (Bass)
    Tyrone Wheeler (Bass)
    Vladimir Vaneev (Bass)
    Yagil Baris (Bass)
    Avishai Cohen (Bass, Piano)
    Bombay Jim Porcella (Vocals)
    Carmen Lundy (Vocals)
    Chris Connor (Vocals)
    Clare Foster (Vocals)
    Eddie Jefferson (Vocals)
    Etta Jones (Vocals)
    Irene Kral (Vocals)
    Jacqueline Dankworth (Vocals)
    John O'Neal (Vocals)
    Jose 'El Canario' Alberto (Vocals)
    Kevin Mahogany (Vocals)
    Kitty Margolis (Vocals)
    Liz Fletcher (Vocals)
    Mark Murphy (Vocals)
    Ranee Lee (Vocals)
    Sheila Jordan (Vocals)
    Stacey Kent (Vocals)
    Sunny Sumter (Vocals)
    Themba "Max" Mntambo (Vocals)
    Viskant, Joan (Vocals)
    Mark Ledford (Vocals, Trumpet)
    Ivan Lins (Vocals, Piano)
    Mary Lou Williams (Vocals, Piano)
    Billy Eckstine (Vocals, Valve Trombone)
    Andrew Nicholson (Flute)
    Elise Woods (Flute)
    Fenwick Smith (Flute)
    Judith Pearce (Flute)
    Ken Smith (Flute)
    Peter Holtslag (Flute)
    Ransom Wilson (Flute)
    Timothy Day (Flute)
    Steve Slagle (Flute, Alto Saxophone)
    Mario Rivera (Flute, Alto and Tenor Saxophone)
    Julia Wilson (Oboe)
    Richard Killmer (Oboe)
    Robin Miller (Oboe)
    Kathryn Harris (Cor Anglais)
    Andrew Simon (Clarinet)
    Antony Pay (Clarinet)
    Artie Shaw (Clarinet)
    David Shifrin (Clarinet)
    Edmond Hall (Clarinet)
    Louis Ford (Clarinet)
    Pee Wee Russell (Clarinet)
    Thomas Hill (Clarinet)
    Eric Dolphy (Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone)
    Oscar Noriega (Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone)
    Julian Siegel (Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone)
    Bob Francheschini (Saxophone)
    Bob Mintzer (Saxophone)
    Coleman Hawkins (Saxophone)
    Jean Toussaint (Saxophone)
    Joe Lovano (Saxophone)
    Jon Gordon (Saxophone)
    Jorge Sylvester (Saxophone)
    Makanda Ken McIntyre (Saxophone)
    Matt Wates (Saxophone)
    Mel Martin (Saxophone)
    Mike Zilber (Saxophone)
    Mitch Forman (Saxophone)
    Nigel Hitchcock (Saxophone)
    Pablo Calagero (Saxophone)
    Rolando Briceno (Saxophone)
    Simon Haram (Saxophone)
    Sonny Stitt (Saxophone)
    Stan Getz (Saxophone)
    Steve Sax (Saxophone)
    Jim Tomlinson (Saxophone, Clarinet)
    Brian Wightman (Bassoon)
    Jeremy Ward (Bassoon)
    Kam Shui (Bassoon)
    Michael Finn (Bassoon)
    Antony Halstead (Horn)
    Gregory Hustis (Horn)
    John Pigneguy (Horn)
    Ralph Dudgeon (Bugle)
    Stephen Hollamby (Bugle)
    John Wallace (Cornet, Bugle, Trumpet)
    Baikida Carroll (Trumpet)
    Barry Danielian (Trumpet)
    Bernard Flood (Trumpet)
    Bomberito Zarzuela (Trumpet)
    Boonie Hazel (Trumpet)
    Brian Lynch (Trumpet)
    Charlie Sepulveda (Trumpet)
    Chocolate Armenteros (Trumpet)
    Clifford Brown (Trumpet)
    Cuong Vu (Trumpet)
    David 'Piro' Rodriguez (Trumpet)
    David Weiss (Trumpet)
    Dick Lowell (Trumpet)
    Dizzy Gillespie (Trumpet)
    Duane Eubanks (Trumpet)
    Eddie Henderson (Trumpet)
    Fabrio Morgera (Trumpet)
    Fats Navarro (Trumpet)
    Freddie Hubbard (Trumpet)
    Gail Brockman (Trumpet)
    Greg Gisbert (Trumpet)
    Guy Barker (Trumpet)
    Hector Colon (Trumpet)
    Herb Pomeroy (Trumpet)
    Ite Jerez (Trumpet)
    James Watson (Trumpet)
    Jamil Sharif (Trumpet)
    Jeff Stout (Trumpet)
    Jeffrey Work (Trumpet)
    Jeremy Pelt (Trumpet)
    John Miller (Trumpet)
    John Walsh (Trumpet)
    Jose Jerez (Trumpet)
    Kevin Bryan (Trumpet)
    Lester Bowie (Trumpet)
    Marlon Jordan (Trumpet)
    Marvin Stamm (Trumpet)
    Michael Sachs (Trumpet)
    Natuski Tamura (Trumpet)
    Nicholas Payton (Trumpet)
    Red Allen (Trumpet)
    Red Rodney (Trumpet)
    Ronald Hampton (Trumpet)
    Roy Hargrove (Trumpet)
    Russell Gunn (Trumpet)
    Shelton Hemhill (Trumpet)
    Shorty McConnell (Trumpet)
    Tiger Okoshi (Trumpet)
    Wallace Roney (Trumpet)
    Woody Shaw (Trumpet)
    Louis Armstrong (Trumpet, Vocals)
    Rob Blakeslee (Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn)
    Byron Wallen (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
    Diego Urcola (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
    James Zollar (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
    Jim Rotondi (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
    Martin Shaw (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
    Omar Kabir (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
    Ray Vega (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
    Ron Horton (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
    Annie Whitehead (Trombone)
    Avi Lebovich (Trombone)
    Chippy Outcalt (Trombone)
    Christopher Washburne (Trombone)
    Clark Gayton (Trombone)
    David Sacks (Trombone)
    Delfeayo Marsalis (Trombone)
    George Washington (Trombone)
    Howard Scott (Trombone)
    J.J. Johnson (Trombone)
    JC Higginbotham (Trombone)
    Jerry Valentine (Trombone)
    Juan Pablo Torres (Trombone)
    Lewis Kahn (Trombone)
    Luis Bonilla (Trombone)
    Mark Bassey (Trombone)
    Mark Nightingale (Trombone)
    Michael Davis (Trombone)
    Ray Anderson (Trombone)
    Robin Eubanks (Trombone)
    Sam Burtis (Trombone)
    Steve Davis (Trombone)
    Taswell Baird (Trombone)
    Wilbur DeParis (Trombone)
    Steve Turre (Trombone, Conch Shells)
    William Cepeda (Trombone, Conch Shells, Euphonium, Vocals, Pandero, Bomba Drum, Maracas, Guiro)
    Anthony George (Ophicleide)
    Graham Sibley (Helicon)
    Oren Marshall (Tuba)
    Richard Fox (Tuba)
    Joel Thomas (Digeridoo)
    Gary Burton (Vibraphone)
    Jerry Tachoir (Vibraphone)
    Joe Locke (Vibraphone)
    Bobby Hutcherson (Vibraphone, Marimba)
    Stefon Harris (Vibraphone, Marimba)
    Steve Hobbs (Vibraphone, Marimba)
    Adam Nussbaum (Drums)
    Adonis Rose (Drums)
    Al Foster (Drums)
    Alejandro Lucini (Drums)
    Ali Jackson (Drums)
    Andres Patrick Forero (Drums)
    Andrew Missingham (Drums)
    Antonio Sanchez (Drums)
    Art Blakey (Drums)
    Art Gorel (Drums)
    Art Trappier (Drums)
    Artie Cabral (Drums)
    Big Sid Catlett (Drums)
    Billy Drummond (Drums)
    Billy Hart (Drums)
    Bobby Thomas (Drums)
    Brian Melvin (Drums)
    Carl Allen (Drums)
    Cecil Brooks (Drums)
    Chester Thompson (Drums)
    Cindy Blackman (Drums)
    Curtis Boyd (Drums)
    Dannie Richmond (Drums)
    E.J. Strickland (Drums)
    Ed Pias (Drums)
    Eddie Gladden (Drums)
    Gary Johnson (Drums)
    Gene Calderazzo (Drums)
    Gerald Cleaver (Drums)
    Idris Muhammad (Drums)
    Jack DeJohnette (Drums)
    Jackson Krall (Drums)
    Jamey Haddad (Drums)
    Jason Lewis (Drums)
    Jeff 'Tain' Watts (Drums)
    Jeff Williams (Drums)
    Joe Dodge (Drums)
    Joe Farnsworth (Drums)
    Joey Baron (Drums)
    Jon Christensen (Drums)
    Kenny Clarke (Drums)
    Lenny White (Drums)
    Leroy Williams (Drums)
    Louis Tsamous (Drums)
    Marc Dicciani (Drums)
    Marc Miralta (Drums)
    Marc Parnell (Drums)
    Mark Fletcher (Drums)
    Matt Wilson (Drums)
    Nasheet Waits (Drums)
    Nick Cohen (Drums)
    Omar Clay (Drums)
    Peterson, Ralph (Drums)
    Pheeroan ak Laff (Drums)
    Randy Jones (Drums)
    Rodney Green (Drums)
    Steve Brown (Drums)
    Steve Ramsey (Drums)
    Tatsuya Yoshida (Drums)
    Todd Isler (Drums)
    Tom Rainey (Drums)
    Tom Skinner (Drums)
    Tony Moreno (Drums)
    Vanderlei Perira (Drums)
    Victor Jones (Drums)
    Victor Lewis (Drums)
    Winard Harper (Drums)
    Woody Williams (Drums)
    Chris Wells (Drums, Percussion)
    Dafnis Prieto (Drums, Percussion)
    Jim Black (Drums, Percussion)
    Simon Pearson (Drums, Percussion)
    Airto Moreira (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)
    Winston Clifford (Drums, Scat Vocals)
    Cafe de Silval (Percussion)
    Daniella Ganeva (Percussion)
    Donald Gamble (Percussion)
    Eddie Bobe (Percussion)
    Evelyn Glennie (Percussion)
    Gillian McDonagh (Percussion)
    Graham Instrall (Percussion)
    Jeff Ballard (Percussion)
    Johnny Rodriguez (Percussion)
    Khalil Kwame Bell (Percussion)
    Meia Noite (Percussion)
    Mike Spiro (Percussion)
    Pete Eckford (Percussion)
    Valerie Naranjo (Percussion)
    Waltinho Anasacio (Percussion)
    Yusuke Yamamoto (Percussion)
    Tito Puente (Percussion, Leader, Vocals)
    Ben Monder (Guitar)
    Brad Shepik (Guitar)
    Carl Burnett (Guitar)
    Colin Oxley (Guitar)
    Connie Wainwright (Guitar)
    Dave Stryker (Guitar)
    Dom Minasi (Guitar)
    Dominic Ashworth (Guitar)
    Duke Robillard (Guitar)
    Gerry Beaudoin (Guitar)
    Ife Tolento (Guitar)
    Jay Geils (Guitar)
    Jean-Paul Bourelly (Guitar)
    Jerry Miller (Guitar)
    Jim Mullen (Guitar)
    Jimmy Bruno (Guitar)
    Joe Morris (Guitar)
    Kurt Rosenwinkel (Guitar)
    Lee Blair (Guitar)
    Liberty Ellman (Guitar)
    Mark Johns (Guitar)
    Mike Outram (Guitar)
    Paul Bollenback (Guitar)
    Pete Callard (Guitar)
    Rodney Jones (Guitar)
    Steve Erquiaga (Guitar)
    Tony Rémy (Guitar)
    Van Manakas (Guitar)
    Vic Juris (Guitar)
    Vinny Valentino (Guitar)
    John Pizzarelli (Guitar, Vocals)
    Richard Boukas (Guitar, Vocals)
    Derek DiCenzo (Electric Guitar)
    José Neto (Electric Guitar)
    Mike Watkinson (Electric Guitar)
    Reid Anderson (Bass Guitar)
    Aline Brewer (Harp)
    Honor Wright (Harp)
    Nancy Allen (Harp)
    Ani Kavafian (Violin)
    Arturo Delmoni (Violin)
    Barry Wilde (Violin)
    Bayla Keyes (Violin)
    Catherine Mackintosh (Violin)
    Daniel Phillips (Violin)
    David Le Page (Violin)
    Ida Kavafian (Violin)
    Ida Levin (Violin)
    Irina Muresanu (Violin)
    Joseph Silverstein (Violin)
    Judith Eissenberg (Violin)
    Leroy Jenkins (Violin)
    Lynn Chang (Violin)
    Malcolm Layfield (Violin)
    Marcia Crayford (Violin)
    Monica Huggett (Violin)
    Pavlo Beznosiuk (Violin)
    Peter Cropper (Violin)
    Ronald Birks (Violin)
    Rosemary Furniss (Violin)
    Stephanie Chase (Violin)
    Tasmin Little (Violin)
    Theodore Arm (Violin)
    Todd Phillips (Violin)
    William Preucil (Violin)
    Mat Maneri (Violin, Baritone Violin)
    Brian Hawkins (Viola)
    James Boyd (Viola)
    James Dunham (Viola)
    Jeremy Williams (Viola)
    Jim Nolet (Viola)
    Marcus Thompson (Viola)
    Pak Ming (Viola)
    Patrick Ireland (Viola)
    Paul Neubauer (Viola)
    Robert Ireland (Viola)
    Roger Chase (Viola)
    Steven Ansel (Viola)
    Steven Tenenbom (Viola)
    Toby Appel (Viola)
    Christopher van Kampen (Cello)
    David Watkin (Cello)
    Desmond Hobig (Cello)
    Fred Sherry (Cello)
    Gary Hoffman (Cello)
    Gregor-Smith, Bernard (Cello)
    Hannah Roberts (Cello)
    Jennifer Langridge (Cello)
    Richard Bamping (Cello)
    Richard Lester (Cello)
    Ronald Thomas (Cello)
    Timothy Eddy (Cello)
    Bill Douglass (Double-bass)
    Curtis Lundy (Double-bass)
    Dean Johnson (Double-bass)
    Dwayne Burno (Double-bass)
    Edwin Barker (Double-bass)
    Geoff Gascoyne (Double-bass)
    Ira Coleman (Double-bass)
    John Repucci (Double-bass)
    Peter Washington (Double-bass)
    Rodney Slatford (Double-bass)
    Ron McClure (Double-bass)
    Scott Colley (Double-bass)
    Steve LaSpina (Double-bass)
    Timothy Pitts (Double-bass)
    Victor Gaskin (Double-bass)
    Zong Xiao-quian (Double-bass)
    Catherine Finnis (Viol)
    Joanna Levine (Viol)
    Jonathan Manson (Viol)
    Laurence Dreyfus (Viol)
    Susanna Pell (Viol)
    Wendy Gillespie (Viol)
    Markku Luolajan-Mikkola (Bass Viol)
    Adam Makowicz (Piano)
    Alan Broadbent (Piano)
    Alex Wilson (Piano)
    Alexander Toradze (Piano)
    André Watts (Piano)
    Anne-Marie McDermott (Piano)
    Anton Nel (Piano)
    Barry Harris (Piano)
    Bernado Sassetti (Piano)
    Bill Mays (Piano)
    Billy Childs (Piano)
    Billy Taylor (Piano)
    Bob Nell (Piano)
    Bruce Barth (Piano)
    Cecil Taylor (Piano)
    Cedar Walton (Piano)
    Chick Corea (Piano)
    Claire Ritter (Piano)
    Clifford Benson (Piano)
    Curley Russell (Piano)
    Dave Brubeck (Piano)
    Dave Hartl (Piano)
    Dave Kikoski (Piano)
    Dave Newton (Piano)
    David Golub (Piano)
    Don Pullen (Piano)
    Donald Brown (Piano)
    Edsel Gomez (Piano)
    Evgeny Krushevsky (Piano)
    Franck Amsallem (Piano)
    Frank Kimbrough (Piano)
    Geoff Eales (Piano)
    Geoff Keezer (Piano)
    George Gershwin (Piano)
    Geri Allen (Piano)
    Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Piano)
    Harold Mabern (Piano)
    Harry Pickens (Piano)
    Hilton Ruiz (Piano)
    Horace Silver (Piano)
    Ian Brown (Piano)
    Jacky Terrasson (Piano)
    James Pearson (Piano)
    James Weidman (Piano)
    James Williams (Piano)
    Jason Moran (Piano)
    Jeb Patton (Piano)
    John Hicks (Piano)
    John Lewis (Piano)
    John Lill (Piano)
    John Malachi (Piano)
    John Pearce (Piano)
    Jon Kimura Parker (Piano)
    Joshua Wolff (Piano)
    Jovino Santos Neto (Piano)
    Karim Merchant (Piano)
    Kenny Barron (Piano)
    Kevin Hays (Piano/Keyboard)
    Larissa Gergieva (Piano)
    Larry Goldings (Piano)
    Lee Luvisi (Piano)
    Luiz Perdomo (Piano)
    Makoto Ozone (Piano)
    Malcolm Martineau (Piano)
    Marian McPartland (Piano)
    Marilyn Crispell (Piano)
    Marlène Tachoir (Piano)
    Martin Roscoe (Piano)
    Michael Wolff (Piano)
    Mihae Lee (Piano)
    Mika Pohjola (Piano)
    Mike Nock (Piano)
    Mikhail Arcadiev (Piano)
    Moses Taiwa Molelekwa (Piano)
    Mulgrew Miller (Piano)
    Nikki Iles (Piano)
    Olga Konkova (Piano)
    Orrin Evans (Piano)
    Paquito Pastor (Piano)
    Paul Crossley (Piano)
    Paul Nagel (Piano)
    Paul Schmeling (Piano)
    Peter Donohoe (Piano)
    Peter Martin (Piano)
    Phil DeGregg (Piano)
    Phineas Newborn (Piano)
    Radoslav Kvapil (Piano)
    Ray Bryant (Piano)
    Red Garland (Piano)
    Reiko Uchida (Piano)
    Renee Rosnes (Piano)
    Richie Beirach (Piano)
    Robert Taub (Piano)
    Roberta Piket (Piano)
    Robin Aspland (Piano)
    Roger Vignoles (Piano)
    Sarah Jane Cion (Piano)
    Satoko Fujii (Piano)
    Semion Skigin (Piano)
    Simon Wright. (Piano)
    Sonny Bravo (Piano)
    Tamás Ungár (Piano)
    Ted Rosenthal (Piano)
    Teddy Wilson (Piano)
    Tom La Mark (Piano)
    Tommy Flanagan (Piano)
    Wynton Kelly (Piano)
    Xavier Davis (Piano)
    Louis Russell (Piano, Director)
    Mudcat Ward (Piano, Bass)
    David Owen Norris (Piano, Fortepiano)
    Jim Watson (Piano, Organ, Wurlitzer, Moog)
    Uli Geissendoerfer (Piano, Synthesizer)
    Darius Brubeck (Piano, Keyboards)
    Henry Hey (Piano, Keyboards)
    Meredith White (Piano, Keyboards)
    Jim McNeely (Piano, Composer/Arranger)
    Sam Rivers (Piano, Saxophones)
    Sergio George (Piano, Backing Vocals)
    Ketil Haugsand (Harpsichord)
    Randall Hodgkinson (Harpsichord)
    Aaron David Miller (Organ)
    Andrew Lamb (Organ)
    Benjamin Woodward (Organ)
    Christopher Allsop (Organ)
    Clive Driskill-Smith (Organ)
    David Goode (Organ)
    Douglas Paine (Organ)
    Dr Lonnie Smith (Organ)
    Ian Watson (Organ)
    Katrin Meriloo (Organ)
    Mark Williams (Organ)
    Matt Curlee (Organ)
    Sarah Baldock (Organ)
    Simon Preston (Organ)
    Stefan Engels (Organ)
    Thomas Blunt (Organ)
    Tony Monaco (Organ)
    BBC Symphony Men's Chorus (Male Chorus)
    BBC Symphony Chorus (Chorus)
    Kirov Chorus (Chorus)
    Cantate Youth Choir (Choir)
    Chapelle du Roi (Choir)
    Christchurch Cathedral Choir (Choir)
    Leeds Festival Chorus (Choir)
    Trinity College Choir, Cambridge (Choir)
    Pedro Rodriguez (Choir, Chorus)
    Kirov Opera (Opera Company)
    Orion String Quartet (String Quartet)
    The Lindsays (String Quartet)
    Guy Barker International Jazz Quintet (Quintet)
    As Meninas (Quartet)
    Boston Chamber Music Society (Ensemble)
    Cellos of the BBCSO, LPO, RPO (Ensemble)
    Contemporary Piano Ensemble (Ensemble)
    Irakere (Ensemble)
    Nash Ensemble (Ensemble)
    Orchestra members of the Teatro Comunale, Bologna (Ensemble)
    Sisters in Jazz (Ensemble)
    The Caribbean Jazz Project (Ensemble)
    The Hanover Band (Ensemble)
    The NDR Big Band (Ensemble)
    The Sixteen (Ensemble)
    Netherlands Wind Ensemble (Wind Ensemble)
    The Wallace Collection (Brass Ensemble)
    Phantasm (Viol Consort)
    Austro-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonic
    City of London Sinfonia
    English Chamber Orchestra
    English String Orchestra
    Hallé Orchestra
    Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
    Kirov Orchestra
    London Chamber Orchestra
    Mainly Mozart Festival
    Mostly Mozart Orchestra
    Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
    Russian State Academic Concert Orchestra "Boyan"
    Sinfonia Varsovia
    Wigmore Hall (Concert Hall)
    Alistair Dixon (Conductor)
    Anatoly Poletayev (Conductor)
    Daniel Harding (Conductor)
    David Atherton (Conductor)
    Eugene Kohn (Conductor)
    Francesco D'Avalos (Conductor)
    Geoffrey Simon (Conductor)
    Gerard Schwartz (Conductor)
    Harry Christophers (Conductor)
    James Loughran (Conductor)
    Mark Elder (Conductor)
    Michael Kibblewhite (Conductor)
    Reinbert de Leeuw (Conductor)
    Richard Hickox (Conductor)
    Richard Marlow (Conductor)
    Roy Goodman (Conductor)
    Simon Wright (Conductor)
    Sir Charles Mackerras (Conductor)
    Sir Roger Norrington (Conductor)
    Stephen Darlington (Conductor)
    Trevor Pinnock (Conductor)
    Valery Gergiev (Conductor)
    Veronica Dudarova (Conductor)
    Walter Weller (Conductor)
    William Boughton (Conductor)
    Birdland (Jazz Club)
    Calgary Festival (Festival)
    Haydn Festival (Festival)
    JVC Jazz Festival (Festival)
    London International Brass Festival (Festival)
    Women in Jazz Festival (Festival)
    Antonio Hart (Alto Saxophone)
    Arthur Blythe (Alto Saxophone)
    Charlie Holmes (Alto Saxophone)
    Charlie Parker (Alto Saxophone)
    Donald Harrison (Alto Saxophone)
    Eric Kloss (Alto Saxophone)
    Gary Bartz (Alto Saxophone)
    Jamey Aebersold (Alto Saxophone)
    Joseph Jarman (Alto Saxophone)
    Julius Tolentino (Alto Saxophone)
    Kenny Garrett (Alto Saxophone)
    Lee Konitz (Alto Saxophone)
    Maceo Parker (Alto Saxophone)
    Paul Desmond (Alto Saxophone)
    Perico Sambeat (Alto Saxophone)
    Pete Yellin (Alto Saxophone)
    Richie Cole (Alto Saxophone)
    Rupert Cole (Alto Saxophone)
    Steve Wilson (Alto Saxophone)
    Ted Nash (Alto Saxophone)
    Bobby Porcelli (Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone)
    Greg Osby (Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone)
    Miguel Zenon (Alto Saxophone, Backing Vocals)
    Anton Schwartz (Tenor Saxophone)
    Arnie Krakowsky (Tenor Saxophone)
    Ben Castle (Tenor Saxophone)
    Bingie Madison (Tenor Saxophone)
    Budd Johnson (Tenor Saxophone)
    Charlie Rouse (Tenor Saxophone)
    Dexter Gordon (Tenor Saxophone)
    Gene Ammons (Tenor Saxophone)
    George Adams (Tenor Saxophone)
    Hank Mobley (Tenor Saxophone)
    Jimmy Heath (Tenor Saxophone)
    Joe Garland (Tenor Saxophone)
    Martin Krusche (Tenor Saxophone)
    Michael Brecker (Tenor Saxophone)
    Ohad Talmor (Tenor Saxophone)
    Peter Apfelbaum (Tenor Saxophone)
    Ted Brown (Tenor Saxophone)
    Tim Ries (Tenor Saxophone)
    Tony Malaby (Tenor Saxophone)
    Victor Goines (Tenor Saxophone)
    Chris Karlic (Baritone Saxophone)
    Leo Parker (Baritone Saxophone)
    Alex Garnett (Baritone Saxophone, Flute)
    Barney McAll (Keyboards)
    Jamie Saft (Keyboards)
    Jason Rebello (Keyboards)
    Marc Cary (Keyboards)
    Sue Maskaleris (Keyboards, Vocals)
    The Factor (Keyboards, Programming)
    Ron Kerber (Soprano Saxophone)
    Mike Gibbs (Composer/Arranger)
    Mordy Ferber (Acoutstic and Electric Guitar)
    Craig Handy (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone)
    Marcus Strickland (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone)
    Zoot Sims (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone)
    David Liebman (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Flute)
    Ron Blake (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Flute)
    Mike Lee (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet)
    Bobby Watson (Alto and Tenor Saxophone)
    Vincent Herring (Alto and Tenor Saxophone)
    Yosvany Terry (Alto and Tenor Saxophone)
    Dave O'Higgins (Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophone)
    Ingrid Laubrock (Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophone)
    Bobby Militello (Alto/Tenor Saxophone, Flute)
    Eric Crystal (Saxophones)
    Mick Foster (Saxophones)
    Tim Garland (Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Flute)
    Morgana King (Arranger, Vocals)
    Marc Quinones (Timbales)
    Jose Madera (Timbales, Percussion)
    Louis Bauzo (Bata)
    Johnny Rivera (Backing Vocals)
    Louis Simas (Backing Vocals)
    Ray Sepulveda (Backing Vocals)
    Susan Davis Pereira (Backing Vocals)
    Sabu (Congas)
    Fana Zulu (Electric Bass)
    José 'Tony' Batista (Electric Bass)
    Julian Crampton (Electric Bass)
    Stomu Takeishi (Electric Bass)
    Mickey Tucker (Electric Piano)
    Tom Varner (French Horn)
    Angel Mojica (Bomba Drum, Bongo)
    Rolando Morales (Bomba Drum, Bongo, Tumbadora, Backing Vocals)
    Christian Howes (Strings)
    Nioka Workman (Strings)
    Alex Foster (Reeds)
    Marty Ehrlich (Reeds)
    Badal Roy (Tablas)
    Deepak Ram (Indian Flutes, Tabla)
    Magic Dick (Harmonica)
    Darren Abraham (Cymbals)

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